“Green Politician Survives Pie Attack Unscathed”

I don’t make this stuff up, people. This title was the real thing and wasn’t meant as a joke.

The attack had something to do with “professional revolutionary” anti-nuke protestors or something. They were apparently pissed off that the anti-nuke Greens aren’t anti-nuke enough. So Green boss Jürgen Trittin got nuked with an anti-pie (from somebody’s auntie?) during a podium discussion. You know, the kind of podium discussions Jerry Springer used to have?

This particular discussion was entitled “Ideals and Realpolitik” so now we have the rest of the story. Geez, how could pies not have been thrown there?

Trittin’s not going to press chages, though. I guess the incident was too pienlich (embarassing) for him.

„Das intellektuelle Niveau dieser Argumentation eines Menschen, der sich selbst als Berufsrevolutionärin bezeichnet, ist beleidigend für jeden intelligenten Revolutionär. Nebenbei bemerkt ist Poddig wahrscheinlich die erste Berufsrevolutionärin, die nichts dabei findet, auf einer Veranstaltung aufzutreten, die mit staatlichen Geldern finanziert wird.“


3 responses

  1. Didn’t Herr Tritten say something to the effect that the United States deserved the desaster caused by hurricane Katrina because the U.S. did not pass Cap and Trade?

  2. I wonder if there were any eggs or butter in the pie?

    You have it right Joe; a lot of Germans are professional agitators, living off of government to help create a new ultra-mega-state government that is even more socialist than the one we have now.

    Of course, now with the rise of Die Linke, Germans have yet another party with a national platform that is hell bent on dragging the country back to some mythical past where humans lived at peace with nature. (And of course when women had a ridiculously short life span due to the dangers of childbirth, but hey, it was utopia, right?)

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