Too many rich people here

Germans everywhere are concerned about a very disturbing revelation: There are over 100 German billionaires living in or around the country as we speak, so-to-speak.

These amerikanische Verhältnisse (American conditions) are unfair and unexceptable and incommensurate with the German consitution, or ought to be, because no German should have that much capital at his or her disposal because, well, this is an outrage for some reason.

Of course that these same upset Germans made the first three on the list (the ALDI and Lidl folks) as disgustingly wealthy as they are by always wanting cheapness über alles, that’s another story. Actually, no. It isn’t.

But maybe another story is the fact that Germans live in a so-called Neidgesellschaft (a society infected with envy) and are generally filled with Missgunst (resentment) and don’t want to keep up with the Joneses as much as they want to keep the Joneses down. Or anders gesagt (in other words); there can’t be any losers in Germany, but there sure the hell better not be any winners either.

“Insgesamt erhöhte sich die Zahl der Milliardäre und Milliardärsfamilien in Deutschland im Vergleich zum Vorjahr leicht von 99 auf 103.”

3 responses

  1. Man muss das Geld, wie auch die Menschen dort abholen, wo sie sind. Fragen Sie Ihre Partei oder A-Politiker, die wissen wie das geht.

    No German should -financially- be left behind!
    Geiz ist geil, vor allem wenn man viel hat.

  2. Most Germans would rather live a relatively comfortable life with the assurance that their neighbours would be taxed back to the stone age if they decided to work more in order to get ahead, than participate in a system with more competition. Of course, they can’t figure out why this anti-competitive system drives away the highly skilled but attracts and maintains the unskilled workers of the world. Just google “Germany brain drain.”

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