Geld ist doch für alle da

There’s money here for everybody. Remember the financial crisis? Long, long ago (in Germany)?

It seems that the Federal Reserve’s emergency loan programs really helped out a lot after all–German banks, that is. Hey, what’s a few trillion among friends?

Deutsche Banken haben das Förderprogramm der US-Notenbank inmitten der Finanzkrise kräftig genutzt.

2 responses

  1. But wait a minute… Mutti said that Germany didn’t need as large a stimulus package as Obama was proposing. Now I know what she was getting at. Will we see effective German leadership in our lifetimes? The handling of the Euro crisis makes me doubt it.

  2. Mixed signals. Telling the German populace one thing and “Europe” something else. Acting (or not acting) accordingly. If everything works out all right with the European rescue parachute and the euro, the Germans will come out of this being the big winners and the über-Europeans. If it goes south (word is we’ll know just how south it will go with Spain, at the latest) then they’ll jump ship quicker than you can say Tschüss (or Auf Wiedersehen at least) and still come out of it smelling like a rose–with a new/old currency, landing right back on the Mark, so-to-speak. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

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