“The United States of Hate”

This is the seventh article like this I’ve seen just today. I guess they’re going to be milking this one for the next week or two at least.

“In the crosshairs of hate,” “rightwing preachers of hate,” “Sarah Palin in particular has been taking aim at her,” blah, blah, blah.

I find this obsessive need to politicize a tragedy like this beneath contempt.

This is all too Kindergarten for me, in other words–only kids in kindergarden behave better. I’m taking a few days off.

“Hier tobt der hysterische Kampf zwischen Rechts und Links besonders heftig.”


10 responses

  1. Hang in there Herman! By the way, noticed how the “Dioxin in the eggs” scandel has dissappeared from the German press radar screen.

  2. Being on the left side it is damn hard to schluck down into your red throat, that anyone of your own dugout might be responsible for such a heinous murder.
    Turning it around doesn´t mean anything better.
    So keep on fooling millions here in Europe with your ugly rhetoric!

  3. Man, I think your comments today are an overreaction to what you perceive as “wimpy” Germany’s feelings about the shooting…you’ve been there too long, and react automatically in a negative fashion to any German held opinions about the US…do you seriously doubt that violent acts are the direct (or even indirect) results of creating a climate of hate? Surely you cannot assert that the enraged rhetoric nowadays in the US has absolutely nothing to do with this shooting? Man, come back home and see this up close and personal…

    • Bud –

      Get a grip. Who, in your constellation of personal rationsalizations “incited” this? The Rush Limbaugh you don’t really listen to, or the Sarah Palin that you don’t really read?

      If Jerrod Lee Loughtn resembles anyone out there, it’s your garden variety European.

      • OR?

        Why aren’t we allowed in this case to say “who its’ coming from”?

        This murderer was inspired by conspiracy freaks and their endless fountain of hate. They are a movement encouraged and employed politically by the left: the Bush-haters, the anti-war movement, the racial opportunists, hostile foreign intelligence services, and the likes of RT and Press TV. Loughner is merely another by-product, or in the case of the intent of those crackpots, a successful outcome those who rationalize “bringing down the system by whatever means”.

        Who are we kidding with this “both sides” pap?

  4. But the point Joe was trying to make that the caring cadre somehow only finds conservative pamphleteers as provocative when in the US the left has been responsible for most of the political assassinations, attempts at assassination and character assassination since George Washington was forced to dig out his Rules for Civility to keep from calling Jefferson and others out on duels.

    So I gues that, aside from wanting a date with Jody Foster, Hinckley was reacting to the heated rhetoric of Kasey Kasem and Dave Clark. The 45’s made him do the deed.

  5. Wow, been out for a few days and happy to see you’all commenting out there. I’m out of the loop for a bit yet. Take care!

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