The German 80 percent rule

You know, like the 80 percent of all Germans (at least) who love Obama no matter what he does or does not do.

Or how about the 80 percent of all Germans who are fervent pacifists and yet clearly have no problem with their country being the world’s third largest weapons exporter (NOBODY cares here, honest)?

But this one really kills me, and it’s quite a surprise. It turns out that 80 percent of all German Auswanderer (emigrants) who demonstratively leave their homeland forever (well they do on the numerous TV shows that document their adventures) toss in the towel after a bit and come back home to Deutschland again.

I guess once you go red, gold, black (the German flag), you never go back.

Deutsche entpuppen sich als “Ich bin nur kurz weg”-Auswanderer


2 responses

  1. The TV shows are a dead giveaway. What like ARD, ZDF…. This is what they want the folks in the Vaterland to see. I bet ya it’s rigged. Well, I guess I am part of the 20% that don’t go back. I moved to the US back in 78, and I wouldn’t want to be buried in Germanistan or the EUdssr.

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