7.5 Million Germans Don’t Read Write!

I mean read right, of course. But is that really all that bad? The other 70+ million apparently believe everything they read. So like what’s worse?

They believe at first glance, for instance, that 7.5 million Germans are completely illiterate (nearly a tenth of the population?). Then they might look a little closer and find out that “only” 300,000 Germans can’t read at all, which is bad enough, but still.
Of course that two million Germans “can only read and write individual words” (whatever that means) and another 5.2 million are really, really poor at reading and writing doesn’t sound all that encouraging either, but it’s still a long way off from “7.5 million Germans can’t read.” But hey, somebody has to right this stuff.

Rund zwei Millionen der Betroffenen könnten nur einzelne Worte lesen und schreiben und weitere 5,2 Millionen Menschen scheitern an kurzen Texten, könnten aber mit einzelnen Sätzen umgehen.


2 responses

  1. They’re including comprehension in their definition of reading, as I understand it (sic!).

    Of course, others can’t write whole paragraphs and so string together texts they copied from elsewhere 😉

    • This is a whole new kettle of fish, Eunoia. Maybe THAT is what Guttenberg should have used in his defense. That he’s illiterate, I mean. They would have let him off the hook on that one for sure. Too late now I guess…

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