Don’t Read This

If you want to keep your Fukushima radiation hysteria level high, that is.

Another German contrarian opinion. Here are one or two interesting points (sorry, non-German readers):

The measurements alone reveal nothing about danger or risk. Higher radioactivity in the atmosphere, measured in various places in Japan, give us a snapshot but not a coherent picture. The doses of radiation are not constant and fluctuate dramatically.

But no one in Japan who has eaten contaminated food will die as a consequence of the radiation exposure now measured, it is not strong enough.

The residents of Tokyo are currently less exposed (to dangerous levels of radiation, considered to start at 100 millisievert) than a traveller on a flight from New York to Tokyo and back–that would be 200 millisievert.

These comparisons show how a perceived risk and the actual danger can drift apart. Being panic-stricken in German won’t help. The Japanese show impressively how to deal cool-headed with a critical situation. They will master this crisis, regardless of how it turns out.

Diese Relationen zeigen, wie ein gefühltes Risiko und die tatsächliche Gefährdung auseinanderdriften können. Panik, wie sie manchen in Deutschland befällt, hilft nicht weiter. Die Japaner zeigen eindrucksvoll, wie besonnen sie mit der kritischen Situation umgehen. Sie werden diese Krise meistern, ganz gleich, wie sie ausgeht. 

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