What’s the big deal?

The Germans always wheel and deal like this.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle not only personally brought back two German hostages to Berlin after personally meeting with El Presidente Iranian Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in February, he and other German government officials personally saw to it that the German central bank personally provide assistance to India in an oil deal with Iran as payoff for the hostage release. Nothing personal.

So deal with it already.

The sources say the German government approved the Bundesbank’s help in the Iranian-Indian transaction in exchange for the release of the two prisoners.

3 responses

  1. He’s toast now anyway, Joe. I really can’t figure this FDP out. I have (or had?) a warm spot in my heart for them. Their policies are fundamentally sound, I think. But from day one of this government they’ve botched up practically everything. They came in with these big heads and then just started ramming them against the wall. And it’s all been “handwerkliche Fehler” (workmanship mistakes), as the Germans say, like real amateurs. Maybe the young Turks that will now take over might be able pull the party out of the mud and get the motor running again. Or maybe they won’t…

  2. Actually, the consensus among even the politically appointed diplomats is that Guido was just plain clueless – not just badly infomed on what his job was, and slow to learn, but JUST NOT INTELLIGENT enough to do it.

    I agree about the stand of the FDP, and it’s rather courageous legacy and history – they even tried to run as a genuine opposition party in the DDR if you can believe it – but this guy seriously needs a nap and to be sent home.

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