Oh The Outrage Or Something

Remember “evil Thilo” Sarrazin, the “Germany is doing away with itself” best-selling author and purveyor of unpopular popular ideas?

His SPD is certainly trying to forget him. What do you do with a Social Democrat politician (remember that they’re the politically correct ones here) who says things like “I don’t want the land of my grandchildren and great grandchildren to become predominantly Muslim” and won’t stop saying it and won’t resign when you ask him to even when you ask him to un-nicely?

Nothing much, I guess. Not when the vast majority of politically correct (and otherwise) Germans agree with him.

Critics say the SPD’s refusal to expel him was motivated by fears that a large number of grass roots members agree with his theories and that if Mr Sarrazin were ejected, the party would risk losing support.

PS: Remember The Case of the Missing Nuclear Balls? You know, the ones that were never missing in the first place? It turns out that the SPD science minister lady what’s in charge let folks think that the ball thingies were missing even though she knew that they weren’t. But the Fukushima hysteria level was dropping too fast at that moment so I can certainly see where she was coming from.


One response

  1. How the devil can the SPD explain these elite opinions of a not thrown out, still SPD member, who acts like he should be in the CDU, to all those socialist voters out there (waiting to vote greener or linker) getting or working the doe transfers from the laws made by the SPD ?
    Even the CDU is SPD now (Bildungsgutscheine jetzt bitte abholen!) and where, zum Teufel, is the tongue tip on the wagon, the FDP? Gone with the wind, flopping through the windmills of new energy policies and now with a place in the sun under 3% of the voter turnout.
    Stille Wasser sind tief, aber sie stinken zum Himmel, when the parties stir them up.

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