Dangerous Facebook Parties Threatening To Undermine Peaceful German State Of Peace And Quietness

Unerlaubte (unauthorized) Facebook parties are popping up everywhere these days, shocking the general German public and keeping the nation at an unusually high level of nearly unbearable anxiety again already.

Many are beginning to ask themselves how something like is this is even conceivable, much less possible in a constitutional democracy.

In a recent incident, for instance, all a German Facebook user had to do was announce to everyone on Facebook that a Facebook party in Wuppertal had gone Facebook public and some 800 rowdy Facebook party makers (with Facebook police escort) soon descended upon the unsuspecting village inhabitants, reeking of beer and wreaking Facebook havoc in the process (the rowdies, not the villagers).

To save Facebook face, authorities are now considering the possiblity of forbidding Facebook Parties everywhere forever (don’t worry, they’ll announce it on Facebook first). Popular support is guaranteed.

Genau das macht Facebook-Partys so gefährlich: Es ist nicht nur völlig unklar, wie viele Teilnehmer kommen, es ist vor allem schwer zu kalkulieren, wer dem Aufruf folgt.

One response

  1. Man, how clueless. How much of their Grundsetz are they willing to throw out for the sake of limiting flash-mobs? I though people liked them? Random morons dancing in a train station, revolution by text-message in the Phillipines….

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