What do you mean abandoned amusement park?

“Berlin is littered with relics of its communist past, with one of the eeriest being Spreepark, where the remains of what was once East Germany’s only amusement park still stand.”

This whole city is one big abandoned communist funfair, lady (or at least big chunks of that Wild East part of town are).

They are everywhere I tell you, all around us, immer und überall, like vampires, or even zombies if you prefer. But maybe that’s just me.

By the way, that park was way cool when it was still running. Really cheesy and schräg. But maybe that’s just me too.

The amusement park’s history is as colorful as its rides once were. The Kulturpark Plaenterwald, as it was known under communism, was also used as a meeting point by youths rebelling against the state’s collectivist system.

One response

  1. Actually, there were only two that I can remember, and they were fairly good pickings to become a museum of the recreationally grim. One of them was out near Karlshorst somewhere, methinks…

    But one thing seriously sickens me about the way Wessies look at all of this: they really could care less about the memories and feelings of Ossies. I mean did Wessies even PRETEND that those from the DDR are now “their fellow Germans?”

    It’s sick. They have no problem with leaving a few Nazi ancien regime stuff (i.e. Olympic stadium, Tempelhof, one or two of the old ministry buildings) still stand, but they were zelously trying to level any trace of the DDR, despite the fact that the people who built them are still alive, and remember having done the best they could with what was available to them.

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