What Do You Mean You Won’t Buy Our Stuff Anymore?

Europe’s largest economy, may slow to a near standstill next year as the region’s debt crisis saps demand for exports.

You know that scene in Austin Powers when Dr. Evil says an evil funny and he and his evil cronies start laughing loudly in a sinister fashion and just laugh and laugh and laugh and then finally stop laughing because, well, you just can’t keep on laughing like that forever, no matter how evil the joke?

Well it’s the same thing with German Schadenfreude about being fein raus (off the hook) and everybody else out there doing the suffering, economically speaking. You can only enjoy that Schadenfreude for so long, folks. So like export a few more good chuckles out of this while you can.

“The global economic recession triggered by the international financial crisis will be long-term.”

One response

  1. “Grind to a Halt”… that’s pretty blunt, but I can believe it right now. After all, Europe itself is Germany’s primary market, and they might just hunker down and stop buying super-duper coffeemakers, Gummi Baerchen, and cars… In fact I think they already have, but the data hasn’t hit the economists yet.

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