“The President Impersonator”

And this is the Spiegel we’re talking about here, folks.


Barack Obama wants to let the US Congress decide on whether to attack Syria or not, supposedly out of respect for “democracy and the constitution.” In reality he is doubtless shirking the responsibility of having to make an unpopular decision and endangering the credibility of world power America.

Barack Obama will den US-Kongress über Angriffe in Syrien entscheiden lassen, angeblich aus Respekt vor “Demokratie und Verfassung”. In Wahrheit drückt er sich wohl vor einer unpopulären Entscheidung und gefährdet so die Glaubwürdigkeit der Weltmacht Amerika.

One response

  1. Gutmenschtum wanted him to have dictatorial powers in order to do to US-Amerikans what non-US-Amerikans wanted to. So in their simplicity and inability to grasp anything complex, anything is wrong.

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