It’s Nobody’s Business

So why does he have to make it mine?


Honestly, what is being advanced here?

It must just be me but I don’t get this kind of psychoanalytic catharsis coming out thing (or is it more like the religious born again experience?) with regard to some perceived greater public good for something that should and could remain a perfectly private matter. I just looked around. Yup, it is just me.

Or am I supposed to feel like this guy is still being persecuted or something in this day and age (in Germany) and feel sorry for him? I don’t think so. These kinds of theatrics – I don’t know how else to put it – they’re just too effeminate for my taste (soccer is a great sport for that, you know). Worse still, it’s all so very boring.

“I’m making my homosexuality public because I would like to advance the discussion of homosexuality among professional athletes.”

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