Germans Can’t Figure Out Why Germans Keep Disappearing

Suffering from one of the lowest birth rates in the EU and xenophobic to the core (although officially in denial about this), Germans everywhere (or at least where you can still find them) are puzzled by the continued drop in Germany’s population.


Federal statistics office Destatis said Germany was expected to have between 68 and 73 million inhabitants by 2060, compared to its current 81 million.

I think it’s time for even more concentrated government intervention, don’t you? More sex education efforts, for instance.

“It won’t fall below the 2013 level until at least 2023.”

6 responses

  1. What?! I did my bloody share by producing three and my neighbours seem to have joined the multiplication race and now what do I hear? All that in vain?! On the other hand, when I listen to some of my Mitmenschen around here and see how they treat others, it is not such a bad thing after all if there are fewer of them around…

    • LOL, I also contributed 3 half-bloods to the offering plate. As for the rest of what you said… I live in Germany, married a German, speak German, well an bastardized abomination that is really a variation of Denglisch, hoch Deutsch and dialekt. Still, I do love living, but you voiced my sentiments exactly, sounds dickish aber, “so its das. oder?”

  2. Germany should copy the Obama model. Offer 17 year old girls an apartment, food stamps, an exemption to pay income taxes and free health care if they become some lowlife’s baby mama. If the father has a mental disability add another $500 per kid. Plenty of young German girls will take the bait.

  3. The world is over populated – we need to stop thinking locally and act globally… good on Germany. We also have the same “issue” in New Zealand. Its not neccessarily a bad thing.

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