“Tour Angela Merkel’s Germany”

Sound like Disneyland? It should. It is. Only different.


And ask any migrant here these days: The lines are even longer.

Die Kanzlerin ist die erste Frau seit 29 Jahren, die den Titel “Person of the year” bekommen hat. Hinter Merkel landeten IS-Führer Al-Baghdadi und Donald Trump.

Meanwhile… A popular attraction at Disneyland-Deutschland these days is apparently a ride called Arson Attack: 817 crimes have been committed against refugee centers in Germany this year – that’s a number four times higher than it was in 2014.


4 responses

  1. Getting the Time “person of the year” title, and knowing who they’ve awarded that to in the past, I’m not sure if darling Angela is feeling very flattered (and if she is, well, that’s kinda scary).

  2. Donald Trump criticized Time Magazine for awarding their “person of the year” to a woman who is ruining Germany with open borders and immigration.

  3. I just heard of a High School here in Canada who have cancelled a Christmas trip to Britanistan because of security concerns. Muslims are not good for tourism, ask Tunisia, Egypt or France.

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