Merkel’s Million Migrant March Marathon Making Masses Mad

Where on earth could all of this German nervousness possibly be coming from these days?


The 1,000,000 refugee mark has almost been reached, the Paris Attacks are barely three weeks old, Saudi Arabia is openly financing religious radicals here, broke-weenie German aircraft are off to Syria and elsewhere (for repairs?), Germany’s AfD anti-immigration party’s numbers keep looking better and better, the Front National is getting fat and sassy in France… What, me worry?

There is one thing that really and truly gives me the creeps, however: Til Schweiger’s threat to make a migrant movie. That might just break this camel’s back.

While vast numbers of Germans have volunteered to help refugees, there has also been a rise in anti-foreigner sentiment that has buoyed the populist and anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.


3 responses

  1. I think that in my college days, there was a German version of Mad Magazine. How would Alfred E. Newman be translated into German: Wofuer sorge Ich?

  2. Is the “refugees go home” picture from Germany? If so, why is it in English?

    Did the police woman get a dose of Muslim snake bite anti-venom? That must be hard to track down.

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