TIME Magazine To Shorten Its Name

To “A politically left-intellectual group of high earners in a country that receives virtually no refugees” Magazine. I mean lengthen it, of course.


The American magazine’s decision to honour her (Angela Merkel) with the high-profile award went down less well in Germany itself, where there is deep unrest over the huge numbers of migrants streaming in every day from the Middle East.

Felix Steiner, an editor at state broadcaster Deutsche Welle, said writers in New York who were praising Mrs Merkel’s open door migration policy had no idea about the impact it has had on German communities.

“The haunted ones are the cities and municipalities that are being forced to take in ever more refugees and have no idea how they will ever be able to house and care for them.”

David Vance said (on Twitter): “Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was named runner-up to Merkel in Time “Person of the Year” Says it all, really.”

PS: Speaking of “a country that receives virtually no refugees,” somebody told me that Germany has taken in more “refugees” in 2015 than the United States of Amerika has in the past ten years. Should I believe that person or not?


4 responses

  1. I just read recently that the US under Obama takes in a quarter of a million Muslims a year just as base intake. Other Muslims, like “refugees” are added on top of that.

  2. To paraphrase, loosely, a rather well known American politician: it depends on what your definition of “refugee” is.
    We certainly take in more than a few people from south of the border (some of whom it appears are of the religion of peace persuasion).
    Not that many Germans anymore though (immigration quotas, the kind Germans seem to like, so guess we please some of the people some of the time) — but the ones we have taken in the last few decades have been quite uhm, interesting.

    • …but if it comes to it: remember, my fellow countrymen and I are horrible, materialistic, ogre-ific racists, cultural barbarians, and gun nuts. Fascist, stompy boot owning bully boys and girls who oppress oppressively.
      We’re simply not evolved enough to be sensitively dealing with the cultural enrichment that refugees bring….Europe needs to keep them.
      It’s the humane choice of moral integrity and righteousness.

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