German Of The Day: Deutschsein

That means being German.


And surprisingly, despite all the constant self-chastisement that Germans love to indulge in, the majority of Germans surveyed still feel positive about that. About being German, I mean.

And the latest survey also says: The favorite EU country of 47 percent of Germans asked is… Germany. Way back at second place is Italy with seven percent. Spain comes in third at six percent.

“Ich denke an dichte Fenster! Kein anderes Land kann so dichte und so schöne Fenster bauen.”

2 responses

  1. I don’t remember my German apartment for its thick windows (dichte Fenster). What I do remember was the window shades that were built into the wall. You could pull on a pulley or something and an iron contraption would come down. It blocked you from seeing out through the window and it blocked the neighbors from seeing you. I thought that was cool. Kind of reminded me of being a feudal lord with his mote and drawbridge.

  2. I read that article yesterday – made me chuckle! There’s a German expression – leben wie Gott in Frankreich – so I’m surprised France didn’t rate more highly!

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