German Of The Day: Sexmonster

That means sex monster.


But that’s only because this year’s presidential election is a real Schlammschlacht.

German word-compounding really shines: Schlamm means “filth” (with connotations of “slime”), and Schlacht, in addition to meaning “fight,” as it’s used here, also means “slaughter” (which you may remember from Schlachthof-fünf in the Vonnegut classic).


4 responses

  1. Four week before election, they (NBC) dig up an 11 year-old hot mic taped audio conversation with Billy Bush, who happens to be a cousin of the two former President Bushs, from a Hollywood Tabloid TV show. Three weeks before the election, 5 women come out of no where with 30 year old accusations that Donald touched them inappropriately. Meanwhile, the next ” first lady”, Bill Clinton, has a lurid sexual history that goes back 30 years. Crazy world!

    Julian Assange, who I thought was knighted or something in Germany, has leaked a treasure trove of emails, exposing Hillary’s and her cabal’s corruption and hypocrisy. Crickets are chirping! The MSM, including the German MSM, has looked the other way.

  2. One of the things that really bugs me about Trump is that if someone else would be saying many of the things he is saying – only in a calm, rational and intelligent way (it would be somebody else saying it, after all) – many more old school folks would be on the bandwagon. The media IS rigged, for example. It always has been. The polls ARE wrong, they always have been (ever wonder why Gallup got out of the polling business?), only today they are more inaccurate than ever. But because Trump is saying them in his Trump way simple facts like these are automatically denied, seen as being another ridiculous Trump ploy. Hey, he got here with this “style” of his, now he has to “spoon out the soup” he served himself, as the Germans say.

    • Today, Joe Beiden called out Trump to meet him “behind the gym.” The MSM believes that Joe is goofy and lovable. So he got a pass. (After all he is only the VP)

      But, you are right. Donald reminds many women, including my spouse, of their first husband. But for many blue collar people, Trump, a non-politician, is the first candidate to acknowledge their grievances and to take on the Washington elites. They love him.

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