I’ll Fill Your Prescription For You, Baby

The German Green party is not wacky or comprised of „weltfremde Spinner“ (unrealistic weirdos). Honest. Or at least that’s what they’ve been telling us for years and years.


But every once in a while something short-circuits and they get all atavistic on us and pull something where you realize that they are totally coo coo for cocoa puffs after all. The latest: A German Lawmaker Wants the State to Pay for Prostitutes for the Elderly – The Green Party lawmaker says she can imagine authorities “financing sexual assistance.”

Damn. This could give elder abuse a whole new meaning.

Tübingens Grüner Oberbürgermeister kritisiert den Vorstoß, Sexdienste für Pflegebedürftige finanzieren zu wollen. Die Grünen setzten sich wieder einmal dem Vorwurf aus, „weltfremde Spinner“ zu sein.

3 responses

  1. Welfare in parts of the American North East are paid with EBT cards. EBT cards are basically a debit card that the recipient is supposed to apply towards food and staples. Audits have demonstrated that not only have debits been used buy liquor and lottery tickets, but also for entertainment in Indian casinos and luxury hotels. The Main Stream Media does not dwell much on welfare abuse. I think that EBT cards used to buy hookers would be a use that many in the Main Stream Media would endorse!

  2. Hey pal, I am getting up there so keep your slimy hands off my version of Medicare already!

    Bud Harpur
    ps – “try with all your might, but not too hard” – remember that one?

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