You know, V. Like V are having the worst economic downturn since World War II.


But whether the German stimulus measures “have bucked the Corona crisis” or not remains to be seen.

It can’t be too much of a crisis anymore though. Not if all the brothels are being allowed to open again. Come what may.

Several states in northern Germany are set to lift or ease pandemic restrictions on prostitution, with North Rhine-Westphalia now allowing sex workers to resume their business. The decision comes in the wake of several court cases filed by sex workers, who argued the restrictions unfairly discriminated against them.

Street-Walkers Take To The Streets

Demanding that the government get off their backs.


Germany’s sex workers demand to go back to work as coronavirus ban continues – Prostitutes in Germany are demanding the right to get back to work as the country’s brothels remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Prostitution is legal and regulated in Germany but the country’s brothels have been closed for almost four months due to the outbreak.

“Mouth-nose masks are already there. We went through everything carefully: we can also offer sexual services under coronavirus protective measures. We find it insulting and incapacitating if we are not trusted.”

This Guy Put The Court In Male Escort

A woman who got pregnant after having sex with a male escort in a German hotel has failed in a legal battle to find out his name.


Or the rest of his name, genau genommen (to be precise). His first name was Michael. At least it was for that night. But it might also be Jack Flash, Chocolate Thunda or Pogo Stick, depending upon what other night of the week it is. Hard to say for sure (hard for sure to say?).

The woman – not named in the case – said she had got pregnant after staying with “Michael” in a room on the second floor. She now has a seven-year-old son called Joel. The court decided that her lack of detail about the man raised the risk of personal data “simply being released at random.”

Das Amtsgericht München hat entschieden, dass ein Hotel keine Auskunft über einen Gast erteilen muss, der als potentieller Vater für das Kind der Klägerin in Betracht kommt.

I’ll Fill Your Prescription For You, Baby

The German Green party is not wacky or comprised of „weltfremde Spinner“ (unrealistic weirdos). Honest. Or at least that’s what they’ve been telling us for years and years.


But every once in a while something short-circuits and they get all atavistic on us and pull something where you realize that they are totally coo coo for cocoa puffs after all. The latest: A German Lawmaker Wants the State to Pay for Prostitutes for the Elderly – The Green Party lawmaker says she can imagine authorities “financing sexual assistance.”

Damn. This could give elder abuse a whole new meaning.

Tübingens Grüner Oberbürgermeister kritisiert den Vorstoß, Sexdienste für Pflegebedürftige finanzieren zu wollen. Die Grünen setzten sich wieder einmal dem Vorwurf aus, „weltfremde Spinner“ zu sein.

We will tax them in the brothels, we will tax them on the street, we shall never surrender!

This is yet another example of German Steuergerechtigkeit (tax justice) in action.

The city of Bonn has introduced a parking meter for prostitutes working on the street. They are now required to pay 6 euros in tax per night to carry out their trade. And they must show their tickets to tax inspectors sent to check (and some of these guys will check again and again and again). This is only fair or something as the girls in the brothels already have to pay.

Hmmm. Is this a progressive tax or a regressive tax? Is it a corporate tax or more like property tax? It’s not a pole tax, is it? An incum tax?

Es drohen Bußgelder bis zu 100 Euro.

“Egalitarians create the most dangerous inequality of all – inequality of power. Allowing politicians to determine what all other human beings will be allowed to earn is one of the most reckless gambles imaginable. Like the income tax, it may start off being applied only to the rich but it will inevitably reach us all.”

Sex and taxes

Or was it death and taxes? Anyways, if you absolutely positively must auction yourself off online somewhere, don’t do so at a German site.

Representation without taxation!

This of course being tantamount to prostitution, and with Germans taxing their prostitutes at 50% of their earnings, you could, well, really get screwed or something.

„Die Brünette hatte sich eine höhere finanzielle Entschädigung erhofft.“

How bad is the sex recession in Germany these days?

Why it’s so bad…


How much?!?


That when sex workers start suggesting stimulus packages they’re actually referring to money. Bad? It’s so bad in German brothels these days that fewer and fewer people are coming. We’re talking bad. It’s so bad that experts fear the industry is flat on its back. You want bad? It’s so bad these days that it might take months or even years before business picks up and turns the street corner again.


“Economic aid would be judicious.”