Beautiful German weapon sale of the week.


Because somebody has to admire them.

German weapons American made? Damn. This Trump guy means business, or what?

Die US-Army suchte ein „Modulare Handgun System (MHS)“ und SIG Sauer betont, dass sich an der Pistole mit üblicherweise 9-Millimeter-Kaliber die Größe der Pistolengriffe austauschen lässt und auch das Kaliber geändert werden kann.


One response

  1. Sig Saur has a great reputation among American cops. That may have contributed to Sig Saur winning the competition. Too bad that Colt or Smith & Wesson didn’t win. They were working three shifts during the Obama years because of Obama’s contempt of the 2nd Amendment. Sales are now predicted to tapper off because of the new administration. The Army contract would have been a great hedge against a 2nd Amendment supporter like the Donald.

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