Fantasy Book From 1875 Not Up To Today’s Strict Moral Standards

The Virtue signaling industry is high gear again. And morally intoxicanted, as usual.

It’s a dangerous combination but we’re used to it, right? Cowardly search for and find something that might offend somebody somewhere, remove it from its historical context and then call yourself brave as you loudly apply a current attitude to the long-dead past.

German publisher pulls Winnetou books amid racial stereotyping row – Ravensburger Verlag reacts as debate rages over depiction of Native American character in children’s books.

A German publisher has announced it is withdrawing two new books paying tribute to a highly popular character in children’s fiction after facing accusations of racism and cultural appropriation.

At least this is a first. As far as I know, Germans have never banned books in the past. Or burned them or anything.

2 responses

  1. Ah, there too? So then… ‘just imagine, if you will’, all the fun our (collective) posterity will have for generations to come banning or canceling out our contributions to society, because of some faux pas or another?

    They’ll be very, very busy deleting history — as we know/knew it. That does sort of sound Rod Sterling-esque.

  2. And btw, for future note: anyone caught appropriating the culture or beliefs of America’s founders will be summarily banned and charged. Where the hell is Rod when you need him?

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