Greeks to boycott German products they can’t afford to pay for right now anyway

Pissed off about a Focus magazine cover depicting Venus de Milo (some old Greek actress or something) flipping off the rest of Europe (meaning Germany) and carrying the title “Crooks in the Euro Family”, the Greek Consumer Association has called for the boycott of German goods which nobody in Greece can afford to buy right now anyway.

The Greeks are a little touchy these days because their government/state/civilization is on the verge of bankruptcy or something (like join the club already). The Germans are a little touchy these days because the Germans are always a little touchy.

Die Verfälschung einer Statue der griechischen Geschichte, Schönheit und Zivilisation, die aus einer Zeit stammt, wo sie (die Deutschen) Bananen auf Bäumen gegessen haben, ist unverzeihlich und nicht hinnehmbar.”


4 responses

  1. Maybe the Germans will appreciate where their wealth is coming from when Greeks won’t be buying German cars, appliances, etc with their hard earned money. This summer I am not flying with Lufthansa for sure. PK.

    • The issue is that the problems(bankruptcy) the greeks are facing is affecting the value of the Euro, it’s value is largely based on the French and German economy. They are just upset that the weakest link in the European union is dragging them down too.
      What does Lufthansa have to do with the cover of Focus magazine. The funny thing is any other airline you may pick travelling in Europe would mostly be part of the Star Alliance anyways.

  2. It would be better if you first read a little bit of history so you know who Aphrodite of Milos is and then comment why the Greeks boycott German products.
    Hopefully soon the entire planet will boycott German products and then we will see how they can survive without blackmails and under the table agreements (Siemens etc).

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