This is Germany


Germany’s President Horst Koehler has thrown in the towel for getting heat about having said this:

“In my view, however, I think our society is on the right path to fully understanding that a country of our size, export-oriented as it is, and therefore dependent upon foreign trade… In a country like ours we must also know that in doubt, in an emergency, military intervention will also be necessary to protect our interests. To keep free trade routes open, for instance, to prevent regional instability, for example, these are things that would otherwise have a definite negative effect upon our trade, our jobs and our income. Everything should be open for discussion here, and I believe that we are making good progress to that end.”

My, how scandalous. How could the pacifist citizens of the world’s third largest weapons exporting nation possibly take such shocking and unsavoury presidential provocations like this sitting down? They couldn’t take it sitting down, of course, so Horst had to step down.

This is just too ridiculous for me. Somebody please tell me what I missed here.


4 responses

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  2. I would suggest that a large part of the problem is that Germans have never listened to Milton Friedman. As Friedman rightfully pointed out, everyone has self interest and political self interest is no greater than economic self interest.

    Alas, as much as it is too overwhelmingly predictable to really be enjoyed, Germans have apparently learnt nothing in the past few decades.

  3. Yeah, it really is schizophrenic in a way, still projecting everything back to this traumatic past (which nobody here had anything to do with), fighting the battle that should have been fought back then today, when it’s easy = no battle at all, “fighting” politically correctly, of course, but still. I find what he said made perfect sense, but put into this über-sensitized context, everybody HAS to react/act outraged.

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