Puns escalating

In a dramatic turn of events (not), England has launced a surprise pun offensive (next not) shortly before Sunday’s all-important World Cup death match between England and Germany. OK, OK. Sudden death match.

Whether the headline reads “Germans wurst at penalties” or “Das boot is on the other foot”, ill will toward the German opponant is spreading throughout England’s green and pleasant land like wild fire, guaranteeing a wonderful time for all.

There are a number of good reasons why the English love to hate the Germans when it comes to football, of course, but what really fuels the rivalry is, well, is the fact that Germany has always been more successful at the game (OK, at least when it comes to winning matches against England).

As for the Germans: “Although they tolerate the gung-ho English reaction, they are always slightly confused, even bemused, by it. It all stems from the fact the English view is stuck in a bit of a time warp.”

Quite true I’m sure, but if you don’t think the Germans aren’t living in their own little private Idaho time warp buddy, just come over and spend a little time here.

Anyway, may the best team win. Or lose, je nach dem (whatever the case may be).

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.

2 responses

  1. With all their anti-German bluster, the English seemed to develop a certain respect for the Deutschen during the 2006 World Cup. I was living there at the time and was surprised by the positive press surrounding Germany’s handling of the affair.

    As per the German time warp, I had an interesting conversation yesterday. I have no idea why people consider polite dinner parties the point where I should be chastised for all of America’s sins, both real and imagined, but I’ve rather gotten used to it. Last night, the subject of America’s “social inequality” came up. I pointed out that equality, as defined in Germany, is largely equality of outcome. My view was that statistics show that Americans considered poor have a greater possibility of attending a University than the average middle class German. What’s worse, 90% of the funds for Universities here are provided by people who do not have a tertiary education. Is that massive wealth redistribution up the ladder “social equality?” Is equality of opportunity also not “social equality?” Everyone involved had obviously never heard that “social equality” may not necessarily mean “everyone makes almost the same after taxes.” They are still living in the era of the Wirtschaftswunder and can’t comprehend that the world has evolved since 1962.

  2. I also admit to being slightly confused by it as well.

    Um, actually what I meant to say was about the wat the Brits have been writing about the whole thing is “what a bunch of oafish, mouthbreathing louts”.

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