Sore Losers

After England knocking Germany out of the Euro 2020 last night, Germany is now seeking to ban British travellers from entering the EU.

Actually, Germany was seeking to do this before England knocked Germany out of the Euro 2020 last night. But still.

Germany seeks to ban British travellers from EU – Germany will attempt to ban British travellers from the European Union regardless of whether or not they have had a COVID-19 vaccine, The Times reported on Monday.

Kneel Down Before Me

“All of these kingdoms I will give to you, if only you will kneel down before me and worship me.”

Euro 2020: Germany to join England in kneeling protest – Germany intends to join England in a kneeling protest before their Euro 2020 last 16 match. The captains of both teams are also set to wear special armbands for the game.

If You’re Going To Pull Down Statues

You might as well pull down Fawlty Towers while you’re at it.


Nobody gets this. But nobody gets what’s going on anywhere else these days so, whatever.

An episode of sitcom Fawlty Towers has been taken off UKTV’s streaming service because it contains “racial slurs”.

The BBC-owned platform said it had made The Germans unavailable while it carries out a review.

In the 1975 episode, Basil Fawlty declares “don’t mention the war” around German guests, while the Major uses highly offensive language about the West Indies cricket team.

“One of the things I’ve learned in the last 180 years is that people have very different senses of humour.”

This Has Gone Beyond A Joke

Still fuming over their football loss to England over the weekend, the Empire struck back at Germany yet again. This time the British team defeated Germany to win the World Marbles Championship. For crying out loud already.


It’s one thing to lose your marbles. It’s quite another to lose at marbles.

I guess I’ve had enough of sports for now. I’m sure you have, too.

“It’s like snooker without a cue.”

Dumm Gelaufen

Hard luck – for this not-tricky-enough maneuver by a group of German Dornier 17 bombers near Kent in the summer of 1940. For this one plane in particular, I should say (very interesting video). But, in a way, it turned out to be good luck for all of us now.

Dornier 17

The plane in question is believed to have crashed on 26 August 1940, brought down by an RAF fighter called the Boulton-Paul Defiant.

The stricken bomber flew south, rapidly losing power and height. The pilot tried to bring his plane down on the water. But when his wingtip touched the surface, he lost control and the plane apparently flipped, coming to rest on its back. The pilot and observer survived; the other two crew members died.

“This aircraft is going to be the only one of its type in existence in the world. There are little bits and pieces – the RAF Museum have a tail section, for one. But this aircraft is complete and therefore its price from a historical viewpoint is invaluable.”

Women and elephants and…

Fußball fans never forget.

“Some (Germans) have even got religious about it, praising the god of football for handing down divine justice in the form of a blatant referee error that robbed England of a crystal-clear goal on Sunday. At last, commentators say, Germany has been avenged for 1966, when England had a goal wrongly allowed in the legendary World Cup final at London’s Wembley stadium, which England won 4:2.”

Puns escalating

In a dramatic turn of events (not), England has launced a surprise pun offensive (next not) shortly before Sunday’s all-important World Cup death match between England and Germany. OK, OK. Sudden death match.

Whether the headline reads “Germans wurst at penalties” or “Das boot is on the other foot”, ill will toward the German opponant is spreading throughout England’s green and pleasant land like wild fire, guaranteeing a wonderful time for all.

There are a number of good reasons why the English love to hate the Germans when it comes to football, of course, but what really fuels the rivalry is, well, is the fact that Germany has always been more successful at the game (OK, at least when it comes to winning matches against England).

As for the Germans: “Although they tolerate the gung-ho English reaction, they are always slightly confused, even bemused, by it. It all stems from the fact the English view is stuck in a bit of a time warp.”

Quite true I’m sure, but if you don’t think the Germans aren’t living in their own little private Idaho time warp buddy, just come over and spend a little time here.

Anyway, may the best team win. Or lose, je nach dem (whatever the case may be).

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.