Germans sceptical about delaying discrimination process

Chalk it up to German efficiency, but a new pilot program to test anonymized job applications here is being met with great scepticism.

Meant to reduce discrimination against people with immigrant backgrounds, women and others, German employers are clearly disgruntled about having to put off the prejudice until interview time.

Strange, isn’t it? Otherwise fanatical about protecting identities here, when it comes to hiring, German employers just can’t know enough about the applicant.

If you’ve got a name like Mehmet or Neylan, there’s a good chance your application will be answered with a rejection letter.


5 responses

  1. Germans are uptight about protecting “their” security. Foreigners don’t really count. I’m still a bit surprised that every rental application I filled out here asked for my nationality. I couldn’t help but notice it took me a few months longer to finally receive a positive response than German aquaintances that made less money, either.

  2. How about interviews over text messaging systems (msn or skype), and you never have to show up to the office to be seen, and negatively perceived. You just work from home all the time.

  3. I’m for everybody putting on brown paper bags (at least for the folks I work with). That would take care of the Google blurring out stuff too.

  4. I’ve always thought we could curb crime if we were all incarcerated.

    Of course, if the interview is not done on video, then how would Germans be able to look at someone and decide that they have an accent? They wouldn’t. They might be tricked into accepting someone who is third generation as an actual German, and G-d knows we wouldn’t want that kind of funny business.

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