The economy really must be booming again

This is by far one of my top five if not my absolute favorite scam here.

Although the political class in Berlin still pretends as if workers in Germany will actually be working until they are 67 in the future before being able to retire here (the system – or the demographics – she is broken, Señor), last year’s Vorruhestand (early retirement) numbers shot up 10,000 over the previous year, making it the highest number of early retirees (171,129) to throw in the towel (early) over the past six years.

Don’t get me wrong, though. These folks had to retire early because they were sick. Honest. No, not sick of working. Most of them had one of those newfangled, you know, psychological-like ailment-type sicknesses. But don’t worry. They’re feeling better already.

Der weitaus größte Teil – rund 64.000 Menschen – habe aufgrund einer psychischen Erkrankung in den vorzeitigen Ruhestand gehen müssen.


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  1. Does this also include the number of people urged to take “early retirement” because they were trained in a skill set that is no longer needed, and since people can’t really change career paths here, they had to retire to get out of the unemployment statistics?

  2. Der schlaue Man ist König. I’d be interested in knowing how many of these retirees were public servants and, of those, how many were teachers (a field with severe shortages).

    • I know a Beamtin (I know, that’s another chapter all for itself), mid-40s (as in a ways off from 50 yet), grossly overweight. She’s got a messed up knee. She is retired now. They gave it to her. She takes in more now retired (as a Beamtin) as a whole lot of working stiffs out their earn through more or less honest labor – and will for many, many, many years to come. A knee, get it? Working in an office. I know of two similar cases but won’t go into those. It’s a farce and everybody knows it. It’s absurd theater (theater of the absurd?). It’s funny even, sort of.

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