Greenpeace stages atomic art happening

Approving stuff in Germany is always problematic. Disapproval is almost always vorprogrammiert (preprogrammed). That’s why when the German government made clear its intention to extend the country’s use of nuclear power, everybody adhering to the ideological requirements of korrekt German Green thinking disapproved–and that’s a whole lot of folks too.

But at least the Greens at Greenpeace got a little creative about it this time (or as usual?). Protesters projected images with the slogan “atomic power damages Germany” onto the side of several of the country’s nuclear reactors. As far as I can tell, their reason for doing this was to explain to everybody that atomic power damages Germany. Not that they didn’t already know this, the main thing was that this was an Aktion. You know, one of those “happening” thingies?

And I don’t do art so I had to look it up: “A happening is a performance, event or situation meant to be considered as an art, usually as performance art. Happenings take place anywhere (from basements to studio lofts and even street alleyways), are often multi-disciplinary, with a nonlinear narrative and the active participation of the audience.”

Multi-disciplinary? Does that mean they’re gonna get in trouble for doing dis? Nah.

Die Atomkraftwerke in Deutschland sollen im Schnitt 12 Jahre länger am Netz bleiben als nach dem bisherigen Atomkonsens.


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  1. “Does that mean they’re gonna get in trouble for doing dis?”

    It depends; following a lengthy investigation, I’m sure they will be o.k. as long as all can prove that they have the appropriate German Ausbildung in Aktionskunst and the necessary permits for public demonstration.

  2. If these Atomkraft, Nein Danke jerks haven’t for the past 30 years that they’ve been preoccupying the time of the productive class of civilization, they might notice that Germany still burns coal.

    Basically, this is a psychiatric issue involving a deep lack of concern or awareness about anyones’ iddues other than ones’ own: sine the protesting class is one domintaed by CONSUMERS who simply don’t PRODUCE anything, they don’t think tht THEY really need more electricity than it takes to run their iPods and lava lamps.

    More that ANY OTHER CLASS OF PEOPLE, they are acutely UNAWARE of society’s needs, and are perfectly prepared to advance policies that will assure their poverty, all the while convincing themselves that one tiny example of an organic work-farm is an acceptable substitute. What it boils down to, is that in elitist and dictatorial fashion, they would ASSIGN others new lifestyles and occupations – an easy thing to do if you’re not the one being tacitly forced into it.

    They want a monoculture where all the rest of us are poor and servile. They are the enemy of civilization and human free will, and want to feel themselves the wise “lesson-givers” who should be thanked for shoving their world view down the throats of others.

    The simple thing to do, is to ignore them, from the top of social involvement to the bottom. They cannot live without the attention and the pandering of being taken seriously, when they simply can’t add or accept that people prefer to control their own lives without their coercion, or imagining that the way they live their limited lives is something we should all be forced to adopt.

    If they want that kind of world, then they should begin by trying to live that lifestyle for themselves in a REAL way, not one supported by functioning modern economics, advanced science, medicine, and industry, and others’ resources. NO aircraft, NO telephones, NO power, NO dyalisis, etc., etc., etc. NOTHING that they atmospherically or by inference think wrong because “it consumes power and resources”.

    In fact the only resource they are willing to waste is the human effort of others, and are perfectly happy consuming others attention, effort, and creativity in their war on civilization.

    We have spent millenia in an effort to provide for ourselves in a manner that relieves us of the back-breaking human effort to provide for ourselves, and to advance the civilization that has extended human life, and relieved pain using advanced chemistry and science. They want to in step after step, “natural solution” after “natural solution”, dismantle that.

    And don’t say that “they really don’t want all of that”… pay attention to the goal or complaint after the one that they just succeeded in selling – there’s ALWAYS a next issue. There’s ALWAYS another Jihad about “herbal medication” or lower impact this and that. There is ALWAYS a plant to shut down, and a dam to dismantle. All without any sense of proportion.

    Screw ’em. Let them move to the third world if that’s what they find so bucolic and ideal.

  3. What kills me here too, Joe, is that nobody seems to have noticed what the German government just put into action. Their “energy concept” is quite radical really, and the radicals don’t even notice it. The problem is, as is so often the case, is that nobody has begun to pay for it yet–and pay for it they will. The Frankfurter Allgemeine thinks this is going to cost more than German unification. When the Greens suggested raising the price of a liter of gas to 5 euros to cut emmissions (or whatever) everybody went ape Scheisse here. The costs involved in this new puppy is going to make that look like a joke. Es darf nichts kosten (it can’t cost anything), but like I said, pay for it they will.

    • Remember, for any kind of social good to take, capital has to first be sucked out of the economy in some way! That’s why taxing random things dis-incentivized by the simple fact that they cost something to begin with, need to be taxed more, to save the world from, say, carbon-poisoning in the parts-per-million range, and winning the war against tooth decay.

      Germans already pay a fortune for energy – clean OR dirty. There already IS a damn good motive to use as little as possible.
      Why this is also true of high and non-competitive pricing of telephone service is beyond me.

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