Street View Egging Update

No good “anti-privacy vandals,” egging Street View opt-out homes like that.

It’s folks like this (the vandals, not them there folks up there) that give Street View a bad name in this country. Other than Google itself, I mean.

And the latest bizarre German Street View shot? How about this one: Capturing the birth of a baby on a street in a Berlin suburb, “although there are question-marks over the veracity of the incident.”

“We respect people’s right to remove their house from Street View and by no means consider this to be acceptable behaviour,” a Google spokesperson said.

4 responses

  1. Hermanns are Weltmeisters of Komplaint, of course. If it isn’t about those who allow SV to invade the Cherman homeland, it’s about those who don’t. Okay, here’s my favorite silly debate in today’s Tagesspiegel:

    Outdoorkleidung gehört nicht in die Innenstadt.

    Really, there should be a law against people wearing those imperialist Northface parkas in Berlin. If I were Cherman, I’d also complain about that insidious hybrid compound “Outdoorkleiding.”


  2. So the photo reveals that Germany has signed up for whatever SDI is being called now and has already placed mobile radar units throughout the country?

  3. Yes. I think (NOW that picture finally makes sense to me). Although I still don’t see where the guys with the horns come in.

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