Germans? More intolerant?

How ya figure? Wow. Talk about your news item. The survey says: Germans view Muslims and their religion (and Jews and theirs) more negatively than their European neighbors–who don’t seem to care much for them either, by the way.

But at least Germans are fair. When it comes to being unfair, I mean. The survey also came up with similar negative results for other religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. 

“The representative survey, which polled 1,000 people in each of the four countries mentioned, found that fewer than five percent of Germans thought Islam was a tolerant religion, compared to roughly 20 percent for the Danes, Dutch and French.” 

One response

  1. HO,

    Ripley at Schnitzel Republic also has a few thoughts about this issue:

    The Tolerance Issue.

    And over at Die Zeit online today, the comments are piling up fast in response to an article entitled “Berlin entfremdet sich von Amerika.” While many of the comments in the forum illustrate the deep ambivalence and antipathy Germans feel about America, there are a few good discussions and at least one brief, funny remark:

    Berlin entfremdet sich von Amerika? Nach meinem Gefühl enfernt sich Berlin auch immer weiter von Deutschland…


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