Get Yer Ya-Ya’s and Your Canned Goods Out!

Oh, my, God. The Scheechaos (snow chaos) has now reached Berlin! You know, like the Red Army once did?

What’s even more shocking is that it’s reached the taz too (the newspaper for all the lefty-anarcho-chaos experts living here). And even more shockingerer still is that Berlin’s environmental minister (yup, cities like Berlin have one of those) Katrin Lompscher (Left Party not Green–can’t you be both?) has called for a freakin’ Krisengipfel (crisis summit). You know, just like the one they had recently somewheres but I can’t remember where, about something, but I forget. Only this Krisengipfel will be worse, or better, or whatever.

We’re all going to die or something!

One response

  1. Oh,oh! Even more shockingerererer: There´s Blitzeis coming this weekend. An ADAC-Sprecherin said: „Bei Blitzeis haben Autofahrer keine Chance.“
    No chance for drivers on lightning-donner-and-blitzen ice? Well, they didn´t have a chance with their Blitzkrieg either. Get the lights on at the round tables fast!

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