Shocking Study Results: Men And Women Appear To Be “Different”

Researchers in Germany are scratching their heads in astonishment. A study entitled “Typical Man, Typical Woman” has revealed that men and women not only behave in typical man-like and woman-like ways, they actually even behave “differently” from one another.

Some 65 percent of the men tested liked talking about sports, for instance, whereas 75 percent of the women preferred gossip concerning their respective circle of friends.

Nearly 50 percent of young women tested classified themselves as being “communicative” (that means that they like to talk a lot) whereas a mere 21 percent of the men tested saw themselves so.

These completely unexpected results have led many researches to question the seriousness of the study and the methods used. A new study may now be necessary. Typical.

„Die Alltagswirklichkeiten von Mann und Frau haben sich zwar zunehmend angenähert, nicht aber das Interessenspektrum.“


3 responses

  1. I find it really objectionable that Germans find some people “different.” Isn’t that discrimination, plain and simple? It sounds like some type of regulation is needed here.


  2. Yeah, it is quite a shame. Aren`t we all equal. That must be a fault. Men are women and women are men. We all look the same, like soldiers in a puppet army. By the way? Why, do we all have to look the same, eat the same, talk the same ? May I am the only heini asking this.

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