German 80 Percent Rule Kicks In Again

OK, OK. This time it’s only 75 percent, but they’re at a real low right now. Give them another week or two.

When Germans decide to go with a fixed idea (obsession? delusion?) they do so with typical German thoroughness (typical German thoroughness is another fixed idea, obsession or delusion). In this case, they have decided to keep liking their defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, plagiarism or not. Some 75 percent of Germans asked think he should stay in office after the University of Bayreuth took back his doctorate.

The German Left (meaning political opposition) is enraged, of course, but who cares? They’re always enraged about something. And some of the irony here is that this particular article comes from the Bild Zeitung itself, another thing that outrages the outraged German Left (always has, always will). They claim that Guttenberg was “created” by the Bild, like Dr. Frankenstein created his monster, I guess. And being that the German man or woman on the street is too dumb to know what is best for him or her, or so their thinking, they are all the more enraged that he/she has decided to stick to Guttenberg anyway, despite their quite loud and vocal enragement. Like how enraging is that?

Nur 22 Prozent sind der Meinung, zu Guttenberg soll aufgrund dieser Vorwürfe als Verteidigungsminister zurücktreten, drei Viertel (75 Prozent) verneinen dies. Drei Prozent sind unentschlossen.


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  1. Every morning for the last six months or so, I’ve been checking all the major German news websites, going from Stern to Die Zeit to Der Spiegel and to Bild. I’ve never seen such a flurry of reportage and comments for any other story that we’re seeing about Guttenberg’s dissertation and his title. Obviously, this story touches something very deep in Germans, right?

    • Yeah, Jeffrey. The “problem” is, I think, is that he (and his wife) are too charismatic, he’s too un-German as a politician, too young, too blue-blooded, too je ne sais quoi. And all the other German politicians, on either side of the spectrum, are green with envy. Germans have a big problem with Neid (envy) anyway, but the politicians on stage here at the moment are particularly boring, which only makes matters worse–for them. The public wants a little glamor, I guess, maybe even something/someone to “look up to”? A little royal family/Kennedy glamor? I don’t know, but you can bet that his colleagues are all out to get him if they can. They can’t do all too much as long as his popularity ratings remain high like it is, but we’ll see what happens next.

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