Surprise Terrorist Attack Shuts Down German Bundestag But Nobody Seems To Care All That Much Really

Islamic terrorists disquised as construction crew workers for the Vattenfall power company plunged Berlin’s Bundestag into near total darkness and cluelessness (even more cluelessness than usual) after launching a successful surpise attack upon a power cable three meters below the earth at 09:00 this morning somewhere the-hell-if-I-know-where in Berlin Mitte.

Computers are down, toilets are out, Germany is tumbling leaderless through space and nobody anywhere around here gives a shit.

As one Bundestag representative reported: “We are unable to work.” “Yeah,” his neighbor replied. “And now the damned power is out too.”

The Vattenfall terrorists, realizing that their mission to put Germany in a panic has utterly failed, now say that they will have the power back up again around four this afternoon. Or manjana maybe. Mal sehen (see what happens).

“Wir sind arbeitsunfähig.”

5 responses

  1. Hey, maybe Hermann could ask the UN blue helmets to put a “no-fly zone” above those kaputt toilets in the Bundestag.



    • No Jeffrey, they’ll never agree to that–or did you mean “no fly” as in insect kinda fly?? You did, didn’t you. That might fly.

  2. Yep, the insect critter.

    No water in the Flachspueler? And the hay-munching Greens dropping doogies? Horrors!


  3. After the Benzingipfel they need a Strom(er)gipfel now.
    But only on a round table please, and also to save taxpayers Euros, combined with the Bundeswehr-3D-ReOrgChat.

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