Logic in the Time of Hysteria

What is the connection between a 9.0 earthquake that hits Japan and damages a nuclear power plant there and the nuclear power plants operating in Germany?

There isn’t one. But there doesn’t have to be one once the hysteria hits the fan.

Angie Merkel could have tried sticking to her guns and not playing to the crowd like she did but the result would have probably been the same.

Pech gehabt (tough luck).

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats are set to lose the key state of Baden-Wuerttemberg after six decades, exit polls suggest.


6 responses

  1. Holy crap. Because of Fukushima Angst, the Greens and the SPD take power in Schwaben?! I guess the Greens are now saying “Gruss Gott” to everyone.


  2. They forgot to vote the raving “Linke” party, another Splitterpartei, into the red nuclear boiling pot of ideological Irrsinn. Good local leaders have been weakend and forced out of office. How can they now not be in Angst over such irrational, unsecure voting, which might happen in Berlin too! This was high risk voting, without thought (Wutbürger) of the outcome!
    Mit Deutschland wird es bergab gehen! Those under 40 should emigrate now, before the catastrophe sets in!
    Soon their wallets will get to know the real truth. History once again proves that there is no such thing as principles and Verlass in/auf Germany.
    The ruin as had in 1870, 1914, and 1936 has begun, setup in a Jolly Green Giant no future nanny state.
    Reflux has set in, agony will follow.

    • Actually thinking back to the grand and glorious real, living socialism of the DDR, the only break in the omnipresent poop-colored coal smog skies was their affection for nuclear reactors, all of which the Wessies shut down.

      So Die Linke will have to take to either pretend they don’t suffer from their usual Ostalgie, or just lie their way through the fact that they will leg-hump any radical position or angry grievance that they can to get a few teenagers to notice them.

      • Political hope for the better has vanished.
        The collective drunkenness that has set in because of Japan has falsified the voting last Sunday completely. No lefty politico will accept arguments that this is true.
        I believe the Germans are so ideologically Wut-Anti-hot-riveted and so endangered now, as they were, when they followed the Nazis and the communists. So I cannot see a future for this “no-saying country of old men” and their diverse Splittergroups.

  3. Hey, if Chavez can ask Venezuelans to reduce their calorie intake, the Greens ought to be able to ask Germans to sit in the dark in the evenings to conserve electricity, right?


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