Deep Space Nein

As the hours tick on, the ever more complex German deep space nein analysis of the Osama-Obama-Drama twists further and further into a seething black hole-ish vortex of convolution, confusion and boundless bitching and moaning.

Here are a few of the latest I particularly like:

“Above all, this conflict takes place in the visual realm, it is a war of images and their reciprocal overpowering through the inspection of that which takes place on the screen.” Huh? So they killed him with a digital camera or what?

“Without photos (of bin Laden’s corpse) conspiracy theories will spread in the US and in the Islamic World.” But not in Germany though, right?

“The Americans made a grave mistake by preventing the necessary tribunal (at an international court of justice) through the liquidation of bin Laden and the overhasty disposal of his body at sea.” So you could still hold the tribunal if they give you the body or what?

“Immanual Kant had realized this well; that this ban on images (they mean bin Laden’s corpse pictures) is the magic behind religious enthusiasm and it is this abstraction of the deduced representation which opens up a greater scope for imagination and passion.” Holy Shit. Even Kant is putting in his two cents worth now.

These are too heavy for me. Let’s try a few of these instead:

“‘Justice’ has become a mere joker card concept used for politically calculated maneuvers.”

“The other side of terrorism are interest and goal pursuing policies that hold to no international law.”

“A fitting translation of ‘enemy killed in action’ could also be ‘executed’.”

Enough already. Let’s finish up with these for dessert:

“Bin Laden was unarmed as he died.”

“Justice, American style.”

“Not a real breakthrough.”

“Bin Laden’s death comes 10 years too late.”

“America’s lost decade cannot be regained.”

“Was bin Laden’s killing legal?”

Stay tuned or something.

Die Übertragung des Militäreinsatzes auf fremden Territorium via Satelliten macht noch einmal klar, dass die Weltmacht USA nicht nur global, indifferent gegenüber Souveränitätsrechten, sondern auch orbital agiert, dass der von Flugmaschinen, Raketen und Nachrichtenautomaten bevölkerte Himmel mit der terrestrischen Einflusssphäre verschmolzen ist.

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  1. “Deep Space Nein” — that’s beautiful.

    Yeah, I read the article with the “lost decade” theme. Brother. Getting rid of Saddam Hussein, Zarqawi, and Bin Laden, and rounding up thousands of Al-Qaeda members doesn’t sound exactly like “lost” to me.

    1933-45 in Germany? That’s your real “lost decade” there. Germans killed millions and yet today you have Germans trying to take the moral high-ground about the US taking out someone who mass-murdered Americans?! What a fricking joke.


  2. I’ve been using AOL has my internet provider for serveral years. Recently, AOL “married” the Huffington Post. the Huffington Post does most of AOL news. It’s like I am reading the Spiegel English language site, only this nonsense is written by Americans!

  3. It’s a huge export item, Murph. This fundamental anti-American stance (for lack of a better term) is truly global (orbital?) and if you examine it more closely you will see that it is fundamentally an American export. Or do you think the Germans thought up the “68er” movement by themselves, for instance? We are truly our own worst enemies and practically everybody else out there just waits to see that “they have our OK” before they start pissing on our leg too–or at least that’s how a lot of this started. In the meantime it’s grown into something much bigger, quite pathological really, the whole being much greater than the sum of the individual parts.

  4. This is unusual. A few American bloggers have noticed the commentary coming out of Germany about the killing of Bin Laden. Generally, American bloggers never talk about Germans or Germany. First, here’s an entry at Althouse about an entry by Stephen Bainbridge:

    The Germans are annoying Professor Bainbridge.

    In the comments:

    I wish the Krauts would make up their minds. They spent 2, not one, world wars slaughtering anybody who got in their way – innocent civilians included.

    Now, when we’re saving them, they go all wussy.


    You know how people who’ve quit smoking can become intolerably self-righteous and preachy on the subject? I figure it’s the same thing with Germans and violence.


    Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the guilt that was drilled into the Germans psyche has transformed into a sense of moral superiority.

    And here’s an excerpt from the original entry by Bainbridge:

    As I thought about it, there are two reasons why the German reaction is annoying me more than that of most. First, few nations contributed more to human misery in the last century than did Germany. My grandfather, my father, and several uncles all fought in world wars started by Germany. The world would have been a much better and happier place if Germany had remained a disunited collection of petty states rather than the militaristic behemoth it became in the period 1870-1945. To be lectured on just war and international law by the descendants of the SS stormtroopers my uncle fought in the Battle of the Bulge and the U-boat captains my Dad fought in the North Atlantic is galling.


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