Tea Party Bad

Here’s a quick summary of a fascinating Spiegel editorial about the American Tea Party movement and the current US debt crisis. Or the German intellectual take on it, I should say.

Tea Party want bankruptcy. America work for 235 years, then Tea Party come.

Now Tea Party want friction. Tea Party not want results. Tea Party now enemy. Tea Party outsiders.

Tea Party all take, no give. Tea Party not want to raise taxes. Tea Party bad not to want to raise taxes.

Tea Party people make fear, lead America to economic Armageddon.

America now at standstill. Tea Party people want annihilate Washington (see Captain America). They want stripped down state. Not like state. Very bad.

President Obama want improve schools. Tea Party not want this.
President Obama want clean energy. Tea Party not want this.
President Obama want cuts (and taxes). Tea Party not want this (only cuts). This bad.

Tea Party focus on principles. Very bad.

Tea Party practice raw and aggressive democracy.

Tea Party even make fun of Republicans. This good, sort of, but still bad.

Democracy depends on compromise and the American government depends on all branches working together. The Tea Party movement shuns both, preferring instead to drive the state into bankruptcy. On principle.


6 responses

  1. If Der Spiegel wants to depict the Tea Party in simple terms: i.e. Captain America, then Der Spiegel should depict Obama’s side as the Red Skull. The Red Skull was Captain America’s nemesis. He was also made in Germany, (by the Third Reich).

  2. By the way, the EU is setting up the ultimate moral hazard: buying up member government bonds to backstop them. They will then have to find buyers for the stuff.

    This is the equivalent of a couple of California-sized states issuing bonds left and right knowing that the more bogus the prospect, the more likely that the Federal government will “save” them by buying those obligations up.

  3. Thankfully Europeans are starting to see that Obama is no different than Bush Jr. or Clinton or Bush Sr. or Reagan, and so on. He is just as corrupt and Germans should feel shame for thinking race makes a difference. Didn’t you learn that lesson already? Shame on you but you’re starting to see the light…slowly.

    America was no designed to be an oppressive centralized government. It is a collection of sovereign states, each with their own culture and way of life. Obama is trying to move his position closer to that of dictator or king just like his predecessors and that is un-American.

  4. Well said, Californian, but it’s falling on deaf ears. Like animals that have lived in captivity too long can’t be expected to be set free, it’s very similar here with the fundamental disconnect between our ideal concept of individuality (or freedom, if you will) and the European’s need for (addiction to?) centralized big government. They don’t know no better, in other words.

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