Where was WikiLeaks here?

When you need them (not), I mean. German spies working with Gadaffi?

A former senior German official has said that his country’s intelligence services had cooperated with Muammar Gaddafi’s spy network for several years.

“It revolved mainly around information about the fight against terrorism and therefore Germany’s security interests,” said Bernd Schmidbauer, former coordinator of the German secret services.

Oh. Well, then that’s OK, I guess. Carry on or something.

However, he stressed that Germany did not carry out joint operations with the Libyan spies, as the British and American intelligence services appear to have done.


3 responses

  1. Wikileaks doesn’t care about transparency for all – just breaching the privacy and trust of people in the US government and any around the world that deal with the US government. That fact that it embarasses other is probably an unintended consequence.

  2. Otto Skorzeny installed Gaddafi.

    The German relationship with Libya was there since day 1.

    GSG9 trained Gaddafi intelligence in house-to-house methods, as well as interrogation (rape?) as late as 2008.

    The senior German official is full of ****.

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