Staunch Communist Seeking Deluded Socialist For Meaningful Progressive Relationship, Common Starry-Eyed Idealist Undertakings And Hot Passionate Sex

And just when you thought the Left Party freak show couldn’t get any freakier.

Now when former Left Party boss Oskar Lafontaine and Sahra “The Stalinist” Wagenknecht aren’t working on plans to redistribute other people’s wealth and ensure that the means of other people’s production are at the service of the whole of society, they’re – you might want to look away here – gettin’ it on.

Like how revolting can revolution get?

“Es ist alles gesagt.”

3 responses

  1. Is this coincidental, having Hollywood-like relationships so often on the liberal-lefty side of politics, whereas hardly any prominent conservatives just don´t need the (1+x) times divorces? Maybe they think that´s nachhaltige Umverteilung pure!

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