United We Fall, Divided We Stand

Women and children first! No offense there, Nicolas.

It looks like Germany and France may have had enough of broke weeny Europeans (other than themselves) already and now appear to be planning a secret and very “exlusive stability pact” just for the crème de la crème of ze Europe. You know, for that handful of European countries that can still pay their debts, maybe. But don’t tell anybody yet. This is still a secret, like I said.

Deutschland und Frankreich sind nicht mehr gewillt, auf eine Einigung aller EU-Länder zu warten. Notfalls wären sie bereit, mit einigen Ländern voranzugehen und so innerhalb der Währungszone eine Art Klub der Super-Europäer zu gründen, deren Mitglieder sich strengen Sparauflagen unterwerfen.


3 responses

  1. A.K. caption for the pic:
    “Ok, Sarko, thank God that Johannes Guttenberg invented the printing press, even though some of these European countries might use a Joseph-Ignace Guillotin much more effectively.”

  2. Don’t worry – once rteh Eurovision song contest rolls around again, people will just forget all about this economic meltdown-stuff – even if they are living in old ship containers,

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