Our 9/11?

My, what a gross exaggeration. A handfull of neo-Nazi slobs go on a killing spree and a Berlin Politologe (political scientist) calls this Germany’s equivalent to the attacks of 9/11?

This surely must be a bad political scientist (as in bad science). But he’s not alone, of course. Germany’s contact to/with reality has never been all that steady, even in the best of times (like now), so none of this should be a surprise. It does make me wonder though about what would happen if something – how should I put it? – “real” were ever to happen here. I mean, if this is Germany’s 9/11, what would happen if a real 9/11 came along? Would everybody just pop into thin air or something? Nah, that would be impossible. Not even bad science can do that

“Das ist unser 9/11.”

2 responses

  1. He meant to say, “Das ist unser Fukushima”, meaning a tsunami of useless words in the aftermath of carnage and an earthquake of incompetence over decades.
    Now that is Vater Staat at his best.

  2. Well, it’s one thing to be prone to exxageration, exessive fussery, and generaly not having a life. It may be why my informed source says that the guy on the left is widely known in his neighborhood for doing unspeakable things to livestock.

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