It’s Not Just A Club Anymore

The Putin Understanders Club, I mean. In Germany. It’s bound to be an eingetragener Verein (registered society) by now.


Putin understanders are not confined to the Linke; nor even to Germany. They are the bane of European politicians struggling to contain a troublesome Russia, found everywhere – particularly among the far right and left, and the energy lobbies. Some are ordinary people who see the Russian president as a strongman standing up to a feeble and imperialist America; others are stuck in a mix of nostalgia and sympathy for Russia’s historic sacrifices. Even after a year of geopolitical turmoil, they construct flawed comparisons to support their narratives – arguing that Russia’s actions are no different from the 2003 US invasion of Iraq or the 1999 Nato bombardment of Serbia.



One response

  1. I could not read the full article, because the web-site wants membership to and I am not a member. I would want to read full. Because, I wanted to see that how did the author explain based on, the actions of US are parallel with the actions of Russia under which conditions. If behaviors of policy are discussed, yes two sides behaviors show similarity. However, looking at the result of the actions, same parallelism aren’t discussed. (especially, 2003 US invasion of Iraq, this is not over yet, the author isn’t aware, I guess) Behaviours, of course they are similar; because a opposed balance has emerged against a devastating imperialism, in accordance to this age. This was also Putin in the capacity of president. In addition, any column author, who have got the academic appellation or not, is so inclined to underrate to ordinary people. This planet is based on the world and lives of ordinary people. And those are aware of everything clear, much more than that authors.

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