What About The Male Muslim Teachers In Germany?

Are they now allowed to wear headscarves in class as long as it does not cause disruption in school, too? Fair is fair, you know.


Female Muslim teachers in Germany may wear headscarves in class as long as it does not cause disruption in the school, Germany’s top court has said in a ruling that may fuel debate about what some nationalist groups see as creeping “Islamisation”.

The constitutional court reversed its initial 2003 ban on headscarves for teachers, which had led some German states to forbid Muslim headscarves in schools while permitting the wearing of Christian symbols such as crucifixes and nuns’ habits.

“Ich empfinde das Urteil als Katastrophe. Ich halte das für ein Zurückweichen, für die Preisgabe eines elementaren Bausteins unserer Gesellschaft.”

3 responses

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with Muslim female teachers wearing headscarf…. Here in Singapore, where muslims are a minority, we see women with headscarf everywhere… No one cares here… It’s just a piece of cloth… Face veil is different though… makes me feel uneasy since you can’t see the face, but we still respect that here….

  2. Any religious items (it could be an outfit, example headscarves or kippah, or any symbolic religion jewelry) should not be included into the education-learning fields. If the religions can say that “don’t interfere to the religions”, even at the slightest influence; the public realms should have got the rights to say to them “You don’t also interfere our business”.

  3. Personally I don’t see why people feel the need to display religious artifacts on their person. But I don’t think it’s fair to ban headscarves for Muslims and allow crucifixes and habits for nuns.
    Are teachers allowed to wear berets and cowboy hats? What about a baseball cap with the logo of their favorite team?
    Are teachers allowed to wear political symbols in the classroom?
    I really don’t know…. I’m just trying to figure out where you draw the line on personal beliefs and symbolism and make it fair for everybody.

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