German Of The Day: Aufklärungstornados

That means reconnaissance Tornadoes.


The Paris attacks brought changes: Germany has pledged “any form of support” to France in its fight against terrorism. Right now, it looks like the German military will deploy its Tornado reconnaissance jets…

Reconnaissance jets have already been used in international military missions, for example, in the Balkans and Afghanistan. There, up to six German Tornados supplied their NATO partners with information about Taliban positions. The pictures are taken with cameras attached to the fuselage of the fighter bombers. After the planes have completed their mission and landed, the film must be developed and analyzed, which takes some time, but the images have a much higher resolution and are much more detailed than other types of aerial photography.

Deutsche Fotos für den Luftkrieg der anderen


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  1. The linked article indicates they have not been using analog film since 2009 and the data is sent in real time via radio frequency link:

    “Seit 2009 fliegt die Luftwaffe nicht mehr Filme durch die Gegend: Unter den Tornados hängen inzwischen sogenannte “Recce Lite Pods” des israelischen Herstellers Rafael, voll digitalisiert. Die ermöglichen nicht nur optische und Infrarot-Aufnahmen, sondern auch über eine Funkverbindung die Echtzeit-Übertragung der Aufnahmen zum Boden.”

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