No Evidence Here

That the Istanbul attacker targeted Germans, we read in the Deutsche Welle.


Sure all ten killed were German but that was absolutely positively a pure coincidence so don’t even go there thinking ridiculous and panicky thoughts like that, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere tells his countrymen.

This isn’t an attack against Germany (in Turkey). It’s “an attack against humanity,” he says. So Germans shouldn’t feel threatened in that case. Or I guess that’s what he means by that.

“I see no reason to refrain from trips to Turkey.”

5 responses

  1. You can’t really know why he chose who he chose if no one got the chance to ask. But then, German tourists are everywhere. Picking tourists gives a different kind of an attention. Affects not only Turkey but Germany through Turkey. Chaos and confusion ensue.

  2. Lookin good, lookin good…………You are running out of monkey orifice blockers of bad tidings ( you have a surplus of orifice pluggers however) and there is nothing left of your chicken but feathers and eye balls. Not sure how that translates.

    • That coincidence seems pretty coincidental, what with the events in Germany as of late.
      Germans are going to have to start smelling the coffee here pretty soon (are they? I’ve heard reports they plan on cracking down on “immigration”) — don’t misunderstand, I still don’t much cabbage on to Germans (except my husband, he’s ok, most of the time) but watching people’s blood run in the streets is well, this hillbilly doesn’t play the schadenfreude game at that point.

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