You Can Still Bring Your Dogs, Though

As we all know, adults need their peace and quiet. Especially if they are German adults.


And German adults who need their peace and quiet can also be real innovators. That is why Germany is currently leading the field when it comes to the child-free hotel industry. No shirts, no shoes, no sixteen years of age? No service, junior.

“Your children are loud, annoying, disruptive, shrieky, poorly behaved and annoying as hell and ruin everyone else’s experience. Maybe it’s time breeders stop trying to force everyone else to bow down to their special snowflakes and realize that no one else loves your kid.”

Mit Ruhe für Erwachsene werben Hotels, die für ihre Gäste ein Mindestalter vorschreiben. Auch in Deutschland gibt es einige der “Ab 16” oder “Ab 18”-Hotels. Die Reaktionen von Gästen und Publikum schwanken zwischen Zustimmung und Hass.


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  1. Don’t forget the other pesky German peeve: reserving a chair at the pool. I believe there should be resorts for Germans that allow them to put a beach towel on their swimming pool or beach chairs in order to reserve the chair for the entire day and that pesky Americans or other non Germans must refrain from challenging them about hogging pool chairs.

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