I Can Smell The Coal In The Air Now

And hear the MiGs booming through the sound barrier high overhead. And see the Allied tanks rolling down Kaiserdamm.


The good old days? Not really. But kind of, I dunno, predictable?

Berlin in the 1980s was a time of wild parties and artistic creation – and a new documentary gathers the work of over 70 filmmakers to capture the essence of the city during that heady decade before the wall came down. BMovie, Lust and Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989 features unseen footage of musicians like Nick Cave and New Order. It was made by English musician Mark Reeder, who began by talking about bringing Joy Division to Berlin for their first gig

2 responses

  1. The uncreative creative class need to stop beating this horse. I’d quite dead. I GA-RON-TEE none of them were of an age at the time when they could understand or appreciate the social environment of West-Berlin of the 80’s. Besides, at the time there was a lot of repetitive plagiarism among “zee arteests” at the time.

    And the last thing we need is another rehash of Kinder vom Bhf Zoo. Most of the time, everyone kills themselves at the end of German “arthouse” pictures anyway. No-one is shocked, just sheepishly depressed.

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